John James Hickey, B.A., MSc.

I am a Garden Designer based in Tipperary, Ireland. I have worked for clients all over the world from Edmonton, Canada, Paris, France, London, England to Sydney, Australia. For me, Garden Design is a conversation between you and I to create a shared vision of a space that is respectful of its environment. The approach that I take uses an individual centred approach towards creating your dream space, utilising some 10 year’s of enhanced critical and strategic thinking abilities towards a unique space.

Why ‘The Angry Hedgehog’ for a company name?

The Angry Hedgehog is a throwback to my youth when I played a little bit too much Sonic the Hedgehog on my Sega Megadrive. When coming to choose the name The Angry Hedgehog I was drawn to going back over my life and times when I was happy in imagining a world of pixels and storylines. This is how I see Garden Design, a storyline I get to showcase in my own drawings and bring other people’s imagination into reality.

Why is he Angry you may ask?

Not necessarily angry per se. It was a word to put before a wonderful creature whose world is always under threat. Hedgehogs are a Gardener’s friend.  Unfortunately we don’t always see them as such and nor do we plant sufficiently to encourage more nature in our Gardens. Something I strive to do in my designs. By having The Angry Hedgehog, I am constantly reminded not to forget the world around us when I am planning out your dream Garden.