TAHGDC: Low Water Garden Design Plan

Low-Water Garden Design Plan

A dry garden spot calls for plants that are experts at gathering and using water. Nature outfitted drought-tolerant plants with a host of special features for survival. Stonecrop’s (Sedum spp.) succulent leaves store excess water. Lamb’s-ears’ fuzzy leaf covering slows evaporation.

A few weeks of watering right after planting is the only supplemental water this drought-tolerant garden requires. Once its roots are established, it will maintain its good looks through extended dry spells. Stocked with low-maintenance plants that thrive in full sun and dry, well-drained soil, the garden looks good from spring to fall, thanks to a bevy of textures and long-blooming flowers.

There are many places to plant this low-water wonder. A sunny spot near your home’s foundation, along your driveway, or the streetside strip of grass in front of your home are all good choices. Be sure to choose a site that receives at least eight hours of direct sun a day and has quick-draining soil.

Ornamental grasses and shrubs form the bones of the garden and frilly perennials fill in the gaps. Because most grasses are drought-tolerant, use your favorites. Choose feather reedgrass for an upright, stately look or maidengrass, with its arching, silvery plumes, for a more romantic appearance.

Our Low-Water Garden Design Plan & Planting Guide for this garden includes an illustrated version of the garden, a detailed layout diagram, a list of plants for the garden as shown, and complete instructions for installing the garden.

Garden Size: 10 x 16 feet (160 sqf/15 msq)


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