TAHGDC: Improve your Curbside Appeal with our Small Garden Design

Did you know you only have 8 seconds before a potential buyer decides if they are interested in your home?

And THAT is why street appeal is so important when selling. If your home looks great from the street, buyers will be dying to see what’s inside (rather than driving by and deciding to move straight on to the next property on their list). Our small Garden Design plan focused on Curbside appeal is an ideal companion to this post!


Whenever you are prepping an area of your home for sale or your own enjoyment, rule number one is to always start with decluttering – and the front of your home with a personal small garden design is no exception. Remove strongly personal items, scattered clutter and rubbish. The most common things that need to be removed are: garden hoses, door mats, scattered planters in old, plastic pots and kids toys/bikes (including the rusty basketball hoop).


This is one area of the exterior you can’t afford to ignore – and you’re bound to recoup any time, energy and money you spend on the front garden come sale time. However you should have a plan in place for what you would like to achieve! Luckily for you – I have a planting scheme and plan available that will fit most climates available to purchase in my shop or at the bottom of this post!

Spruce up the garden

It needs to look immaculate. A good place to start is with trimming back any overgrown foliage. It doesn’t matter how attractive your home is if no one can see it. Trees, branches, and shrubs can obscure your home’s best features and make it seem dark and uninviting.

It’s also important to clear out the weeds, add fresh mulch to garden beds and incorporate some new plantings to add colour and eliminate any ‘dead’ spots – ensuring the front garden looks balanced and inviting.

TIP: If this all sounds too hard (or you don’t have a green thumb … like me!), there are landscaping professionals ( LIKE ME!) who specialise in prepping gardens for sale. They can make specific recommendations for your garden, provide a cost estimate, and then carry out all the work required.

Finesse your front lawn

Nothing says ‘a well-loved home’ more that a beautifully manicured, lush, green lawn. It is definitely worth investing some time bringing yours back up to scratch before selling. Sometimes I even recommend that my sellers invest in laying new turf (for example, if it’s a brand new property, or the existing lawn is beyond repair).

A recent study found that homes with beautiful lawns had up to an $80,000 higher sales price over comparable properties without this feature. So this is one upgrade that is definitely worth investing in!

Add a planter (or three!) with a small garden design

Potted plants are easy to add and instantly offer loads of street appeal. They create a focal point, add softness, and also a hit of instant colour if you choose some flowering perennials.

Make sure that your planters match your architecture and enhance your home’s appeal. For a traditional home you might choose a classic urn with soft flowers spilling over the sides or, as seen here, in a more contemporary home a bolder, more structured shape works well.

TIP: I recommend using neutral-coloured planters when styling for sale so they don’t attract too much attention and become a focal point (rather than the house).

Make a style statement

Even with a small budget, there are ways to draw attention to your front door and create memorable street appeal. These round, sculptural pots have been positioned in an asymmetrical layout, offering a contrast to the square entry space and leading your attention straight to the front door… and enticing you inside.

TAHGDC: Curbside Garden Design Plan

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