TAHGDC: Creating a Micro-Garden with Succulents

Winter is almost upon us. I am currently trying to find a way to keep my love of all things green going through enjoyment of small Succulent micro gardens during those inclement days.


Succulents and cacti have a lot in common. Members of warm-climate, low-water plant families, they look best in a landscape that emphasises their textures and shapes. Think gravel garden.

Like camels, these plants store their water supplies inside themselves. That’s what makes them “succulents.” Whether you plant them outdoors in a warm climate or keep them as houseplants, the first rule is don’t overwater them.


The difference between the two plant families? Although all cacti are succulents, not all succulents are cacti. To be a cactus, a plant must have bumpy areoles, which sprout spikes, hairs, and flowers.

Creating a Succulent Micro Garden

I got some cacti soil from my local garden centre. A fast draining soil is essential so as to avoid wet feet and wet roots. In my local garden centre, there were also a number of small individual succulent plants available in packages which I picked up to enhance the cutting succulents I had growing at home.

Once I got home, I poured out the compost and put some more gravel and stone through it to add more drainage to it. I placed it into some glass terrariums we had from our Wedding last year. There after it was a case of planting carefully the plants I had into the pots and arranging them accordingly! This can be done in any number of ways – You can decide. 🙂 Let us know how you get on!


One of my small Succulent Gardens in a glass terrarium pot (C) TAHGDC

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