TAHGDC: Collecting Agapanthus Seeds from Flower heads.

So you may remember a number of weeks back, I had a beautiful Agapathus plant in my back garden. However the seasons cycle. Thus those flowers did naturally die off and start forming seed pods!

Being the avid gardener I must admit to have not collected seed from Agapanthus previously. So this year, I decided I would! So I waited and I waited until I felt that the flower heads were at the point of bursting their pods. Then I cut 3 heads off because I was afraid I would loose my chance! They were still a little fleshy and green. So I left them to dry out on my window sill in a greaseproof baking sheet for the last 3 weeks.

This morning I decided they needed to be collected. Otherwise, they might have accidentally ended up in the bin! In the process I also went on Facebook Live to do a Live video of my seed collecting! The video is below if you want to have a look at it!


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