TAHGDC: Jobs in the Garden for September

September Gardening with The Angry Hedgehog Garden Design Company

September is the beginning of the next phase in the garden as the wind-down to winter begins! However we are not there yet and there are still some jobs you can be doing to keep your garden looking well over the coming months!

  1. Early autumn is the ideal time to plant a new hedge in your garden for shelter and privacy
  2. Plant Daffodil, Tulip and Snowdrop bulbs out of doors for a splash of colour next spring.
  3. Replace dead or damaged hedging plants with frost hardy varieties. Cherry Laurel, green and golden Privet and Boxwood are all excellent varieties to see you through the winter. For seaside areas, choose Silver Elaegnus.
  4. For colour in your patio pots and window boxes plant winter flowering Pansies, Violas, Heather and Aconites.
  5. Continue to feed summer bedding plants with One Plant Food liquid fertiliser to prolong colour until mid winter.
  6. Take cuttings from popular herbs including Thyme, Rosemary, Lavender and Bay Leaf. Use rooting powder to encourage strong new roots. Check out my guide to Lavender Cuttings here.


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