Why ‘The Angry Hedgehog’??

Where did The Angry Hedgehog come from?

Partly, this is a throwback to my youth when I played a bit too much Sonic the Hedgehog on my Sega Megadrive. When coming to choose the name The Angry Hedgehog I was drawn to going back over my life and times when I was happy in imagining a world of pixels and storylines. This is how I see Garden Design; a storyline I get to create, bringing others imagination alive.

But why is he an ‘Angry  Hedgehog’?

Angry? Sometimes but more often than not Incredibly content!

Angry? Sometimes but more often than not Incredibly content!

Not necessarily angry per se.(Just look at him! He is cute!) However, it is a word to put before a wonderful creature whose world is always under threat.

Hedgehogs are a Gardener’s friend.  Unfortunately we don’t always see them as such. Nor do we plant sufficiently to encourage more nature in our Gardens. This is what I strive to do in my designs. By having The Angry Hedgehog, I am constantly reminded not to forget the natural world around us when I am planning out your dream Garden.

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