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Detailed Garden Concept Plan.
Border & Planting Scheme Plan
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TAHGDC Blogposts


TAH – July Gardening Jobs

Bit later than usual but such is the way with Summer at The Angry Hedgehog towers! The weather over the last few weeks has been a little bit mixed with dry weather and downpours coming through! However that does not mean that your plants are…

Why 'The Angry Hedgehog'??

Where did The Angry Hedgehog come from? Partly, this is a throwback to my youth when I played a bit too much Sonic the Hedgehog on my Sega Megadrive. When coming to choose the name The Angry Hedgehog I was drawn to going back over my life…

TAH - June Gardening Jobs

It's June which means, in Ireland at least there is a hope for some weltering sunshine! While this is good news for us in the garden, our plants need the attention too. Here are some flower jobs to keep you going this month! Plant out…

As a professional Garden Designer, I believe that the design of your garden should accurately reflect your personality and style and is as important as the interior of your home.

I am passionate about creating beautiful, bespoke gardens that are unique to you and which incorporate all your favourite colours and style, whether you would like to create a haven for wildlife, an inspirational place for entertaining or simply an oasis of calm to relax and escape.

My range of services provide various levels of intervention & advice: from One-off Consultations to complete garden makeovers.

Based in the beautiful twin town of Ballina-Killaloe, The Angry Hedgehog Garden Design Company typically serves Tipperary, and surrounding areas including Clare, Limerick and beyond