How much will a Garden Design cost?

As you will appreciate every garden and its owner are different so it’s impossible to give a definitive Garden Design cost for a design without seeing the garden and meeting you, the client.

Building a garden is a financial investment and should be considered similar in value as building an extension or installing a new kitchen. A widely held view within the industry is that a well designed garden could add approx 5-15% onto the value of your property. As such it would be reasonable to invest up to 10% of the property value on your outdoor space.

To give you some idea, for a complete garden makeover, you should expect a Garden Designer’s fees to cost 5-15% of the value of the project; the larger the project typically incurring a lower proportion. A worthwhile investment considering the impact and difference it will make.

Your garden is an asset – it is part of your property. Value it for the personal outdoor space it provides and how best you’d like to enjoy it. Your approach to the house when coming home and the views of the garden are as important as being in it!