Our Online Garden Design Service offers you the chance to get the very best imaginative and creative ideas for your garden online, and by providing a direct online garden design service and simplifying the design process it can offer great design at low cost.

Using our service, we can provide an affordable yet professional alternative to the traditional design service for the smaller outside space.

Your Options

Scenario Sample Garden Design Plans
from €20
Pre-Designed Sample Garden Design Plan
Starter Border Scheme
from €110
A Border & Planting Scheme Plan
Detailed Planting Plans
Sunlight Mapping
Zone Specific Plant List
Create my Garden
from €110
Detailed Garden Concept Plan.
Annotated Areas
Sunlight Mapping
Indicate planting types
Plan Everything!
from €210
Detailed Garden Concept Plan.
Border & Planting Scheme Plan
Annotated Areas
Sunlight Mapping
Zone Specific Plant List
Email Support
30mins Skype Consultation

How does an online Garden Design work?

The Angry Hedgehog Garden Design Online Garden Service is ideal for owners of a small, new or town garden who are seeking ideas and inspiration to help create a beautiful outside garden space. Gardens should ideally be relatively level and up to 100m2 in size.

What do I get?

  • The Angry Hedgehog Garden Design will be prepared, creative concept or planting plans tailored to your requirements by our resident Garden Designer, John James Hickey.* The ideas for your garden design will be carefully thought out and the plans are prepared using our great experience and expertise.
  • The plans are carefully created to either help you develop your own garden space or border, or depending on the level of survey information you have supplied they could be used to employ a local landscaper.
  • The concept plans will be annotated with all the ingredients for you garden whether it be paving, trellis or water features etc.
  • All planting plans are annotated with the botanical latin names of the plants.
  • We always aim to email or post the initial plan back to you within 10 days of receiving your submission.
  • Should you you wish to make any changes to the initial plan, we are happy to offer one alteration free of charge as part of the service. Any further changes will be charged at €50.00 +VAT.

* Please remember, the more detailed the information you supply us the more detail and accuracy we can provide in our plans for your garden design