The survey stage is the first step to getting your garden professionally designed by The Angry Hedgehog Garden Design team!

If you don’t think you cannot do the survey, for what ever reason, then relax. Simply send us lots of photos and one or two key dimensions i.e. width and length of garden and we can work out the rest.

If you want to give it a go then Let’s get to it!

Ultimately, the more information we have at this point, the more detail we will be able to include in your design.

Below, we have an A4 grid that you can use to help with your survey. Just print it out and draw your garden layout on top. Each large square on the grid will be approximately 1 metre in size, this will also help you work the area of the garden, just count up the squares used!

Draw your Garden outline onto the grid noting all the important parts of your garden. Try to keep your drawing to scale allowing one metre to each large square on the grid.

Measure the outside of the building and garden remembering to note the positions and sizes of any windows and doors onto your garden.

Measure any inspection covers or drains as well as any existing trees. It’s useful to know the width of any covers.

For any irregular points, objects or corners that are tricky to measure using normal methods, use triangulation instead. Just take a measurement from two known fixed points and jot these measurements onto your survey.

Also make a note on your survey if the ground level changes across your garden. You can usually see this by following lines of brick or fencing panels.

Use offsets at regular intervals to measure irregular shaped areas or borders.

You will need to work out the approximate area of your garden or border and make a note of it, as you’ll need to indicate this on your questionnaire when you make your payment. We only need to know roughly enough to get you in the right size price band. The mygardn team will check the garden size when they receive your survey to ensure you are in the correct bracket.

For simple regular shaped gardens, just multiply the length and width of your garden together to get it’s area as shown below.

For a simple garden shape

Length 12 metres, Width 6 metres, 12×6 = 72 metres squared. Your garden would be in the 50-100m squared price bracket.

For a more complicated garden shape

Should your garden be an irregular shape simply count up the number of full 1metre squares your garden occupies on your plan. For any squares that are partly used, roughly add these pieces together to get a final figure. You don’t have to be exact as we will double check the area once your plan is submitted.

For Border Planting plans

If you are requesting a Border Planting plan, we only need to know the rough total size of the planting areas. Use either of the methods above to calculate the area of your borders or flower beds and use this figure in metres squared on your submission.

Make a note of your garden or border area ready to enter on your questionnaire when you submit your survey. If you need examples, please send us a message on FB Messenger or email

…and finally

You should now have:

Your completed garden plan with some key dimensions on
The rough area of your garden in metres squared or area of your required border planting
Some photographs of your garden from different angles or of existing features that you feel we need to know about
Any other images or information that you’d like us to consider when designing your garden
You’ll need to either email or post your survey and supporting documents to us as part of the submission process. If you’ve got everything at hand just click on the ‘submit your survey!’ link in the main menu and your new garden design will soon be in your hands!